The following is a brief history of the Foxton Village neighborhood:
November 1999 The North Range Village Metropolitan District is created. Its borders encompass the soon-to-be-developed North Range Village and Foxton Village neighborhoods.
December 2000 Commerce City approves the Foxton Village subdivision development plan.
August 2000 The District issues bonds totaling approximately $2.77 million to finance the build-out of the neighborhood's streets, sidewalks, park, utility lines, perimeter fencing, open space landscaping and storm water drainage infrastructure.

March 2001 The Foxton Village Homeowners Association, Inc. is incorporated and assumes responsibility for enforcing the CC&Rs and providing architectural review services to the neighborhood. All homeowners become shareholders in/owners of the Association.

April 2001 The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Foxton Village (i.e. CC&Rs) is executed and the lots in the neighborhood are annexed into and become subject to the CC&Rs.

Richmond American Homes sells the first of 228 lots in the Foxton Village neighborhood.
December 2005 Richmond American Homes sells the last of 228 lots in the Foxton Village neighborhood.
June 2012 King Soopers opens its doors for business (located at the intersection of 104th Avenue and Chambers Road)
May 2014 Three homeowners run and win seats on the District's board.  This is the first time, the District's board is comprised of residents living within the District.
November 2015 Ballot Issue 5A passes by a margin of 77% for and 23% against. Ballot Issue 5A was a request by the Metro District to raise annual property tax revenue to $230,000/year, which would allow the District to absorb the operations of the North Range Village HOA and the Foxton Village HOA.
January 2016 The Metro District absorbed the operations of the Foxton Village HOA. Consequently, homeowners no longer pay HOA dues (which were budgeted to be $400 for 2016). However, property taxes paid by homeowners to the Metro District increased by a comparable amount.

General NEIGHBORHOOD Statistics

Single-Family Homes
High Low Average
Lot size 0.xx acres 0.xx acres 0.xx acres
Living space (Note A) 2,244 sqft 1,294 sqft 1,808 sqft
Garage size 528 sqft 380 sqft 430 sqft
Basement size 1,717 sqft 464 sqft 662 sqft
Bedrooms 6 rooms 2 rooms 3.4 rooms
Bathrooms 4.0 bathrooms 2.0 bathrooms 2.5 bathrooms
Other Data
# of homes with no basements 97
Homes were constructed between 2001 and 2005
# of developed lots 228
# of undeveloped lots 0

Note A -- Living space data excludes the garage and basement.