Playground Rules - North Range Village

Park Hours: 6:00am to 10:00pm every day

Commerce City Dog Leash Ordinances
Commerce City animal control ordinances apply to all open spaces--including the park and playground area--maintained and operated by the District.  Commerce City' Animal Control Division is responsible for enforcing the City's animal control ordinances.

[As of November 2013] Per the animal code section of Commerce City’s ordinances (section 4-2005):
  1. It is a civil infraction for the owner of any animal to fail to keep such animal on the premises of the owner unless such animal is under the control of the owner under one (1) of the following conditions:
  2. a.  The animal is on a leash, cord or chain no longer than ten (10) feet in length, held by a competent person who is (1) physically able to control the animal and (2) maintaining physical control of the animal.
    b.  Within a vehicle, or similarly physically confined to ensure that the animal will not escape, and without access to passersby
  3. It unlawful for the owner of any animal to permit such animal, whether or not running at large, to destroy, damage or cause injury to any shrubbery, plants, flowers, grass, lawn, fence or other property whatsoever upon any public or private premises not owned or occupied by the owner of such animal.
  4. This section shall not apply to dogs running off leash within the physical confines of an area designated by the city as an off-leash dog park site. [The North Range Village park, playground and surrounding area is not designated as an off-leash dog park site.]
Please contact Commerce City's Animal Control Department directly regarding any questions or concerns about City animal control ordinances and related enforcement actions.