District Owned/Maintained Fencing

The District owns and maintains approximately 5,200 feet of 6-foot tall solid fencing running around the perimeter of the North Range Village neighborhood and 820 feet of split rail fencing running along the backyards of homes on the north side of E 105th Place. District-owned fence lines are marked in orange on the map to the left.

Maintenance of these fence lines represents a significant financial investment and expense to the District. Although the fence is not currently in need of replacement, the replacement cost of this fence line (excluding the brick pillars) is estimated to be approximately $225,000.

Fence Stain Color

Sherwin Williams custom stain color:

 BAC Colorant  0Z 32 64 128
 G2-New Green  --  5  --  1
 R2-Maroon  --  26  1  1
 Exterior Type Stains
 Deckscapes Oil-based
 Flat Corob Modula HF
 Tint Base 640359360


Behr Premium - Redwood 502/402